Monday, March 7, 2011

Daily Journal

iPhone fun
I'm starting a daily photo journal.

I need a more consistent way to exercise my overly creative mind -- sometimes my brain tosses around ideas so much that I can't sleep. And because I don't always have the time to drag out art supplies to get the creative juices flowing, I've decided I might be able to express myself artistically on a regular basis by using the camera on my iPhone. My phone is almost always near me, so I should be able to shoot photos whenever the mood hits. I also just purchased some iPhone apps and this should be a great time to try them out: TiltShift Generator, CameraBag, Slow Shutter Cam, and Pano.

I will try to follow some rules:
  • Post one photo per day, even if I have to post a photo that isn't that great.
  • If I decide to alter a photo, I must do so the day I take the photo. The point is to have one finished piece of art per day.
  • If I create more than photo in one day, I must choose the one photo I intend to post the day I take the photo.
  • Try to capture the "everyday". Try to view the beauty in what is around me all the time.
I've taken a few shots already, and I think this will be a fun project. I plan on posting one week of photos at a time with some notes about how the process is going.

Wish me luck!

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