Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recycled Door Work Table

I had an old desk in my studio that I never used. The surface was always cluttered with office stuff, and it was never big enough to accommodate my needs. Plus, my kids always wanted to be in the room with me, and because the desk was against the wall I had trouble constantly turning around to take care of their needs. I knew I had to switch the desk out for some sort of large work table.

Let's face it, large pieces of furniture can be really expensive. And finding the perfectly sized piece can be daunting. And because desk tops can be very expensive (sometimes as much as $400 for the size I needed), I turned to the old idea of turning a door into a desk/table. To find my door, I decided to visit Second Use, a store that reclaims building materials for reuse. Inside this well-organized store, I was able to find many gently used doors that would work well for work surfaces. I bought mine for just $25.

My husband helped me attach a piece of wood to the studs and he added a couple of sturdy L-brackets to secure the door to the wood.

For the other side of the new table, I chose some legs from Ikea to give the table a sturdy but airy appearance. I find it slightly amusing that the legs of my table actually cost me more than the work surface.

We laid the door down, bottom side up, and screwed the legs into the corners of the door. Once the legs were secure, we  flipped the door over and carefully attached the door to the wooden cleat we had already fastened to the wall. And that was it!

I love how the table turned out! When I saw the door, I was attracted to its beautifully unusual grain. I'm not sure what type of wood it is, but I really like it!

And personally, I enjoy the holes in the door left by its previous life: one hole was for its peephole and a few holes were for its handle. The holes remind me that the door has history -- a story -- and I'm so very glad someone took the time to rescue the door so I could give it a second life in my studio!

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