Monday, April 11, 2011

Cheap Marker Paper

My daughter enjoys drawing far more than I ever did as a child. She has, what seems, a physical need to express herself on paper. And for some reason, her preferred drawing implement right now is the thin marker. I bought her two sets of markers (we use the Crayola Super Tips washable variety)-- one for the kids' downstairs art cabinet, and the other for the kids to use in my studio -- and they have kept her busy drawing each day.

My problem, however, has been keeping up with her paper needs. When my daughter began drawing, she used a stack of recycled paper I had accumulated over the years. It was a stack of advertisements, assignments, directions, misprints, etc. that had one unused side. But even after cutting the sheets in half, she went through the paper too quickly. Then we moved on to multipurpose copy/printing paper I cut in half, but she began to complain of a different problem: the markers bleed through the paper making it difficult to color in her shapes. Marker paper would have been a good solution, but it is so expensive!

Then I discovered Premium Color Laser Paper. It is bright white, heavy enough to handle the markers without bleeding, and acid free in case I decide to keep any of her drawings. The paper usually costs about $14-$15 per ream, and once I cut the 500 sheets in half, I figure I have enough paper to handle at least three or four months of her obsessive marker drawings. Try it out!

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