Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Free Card-Making Paper

I enjoy making my own cards and gift tags. Gifts, in general, should be thoughtfully purchased or created, and when I create a card or gift tag to adorn the gift, I like it to personally reflect the person (or my relationship with the person) I intend to give it to. But making cards can be costly. And often I don't have enough time to run to a store to get supplies for a last minute gift anyway. 

My solution: recycled paper. I have always had a difficult time throwing away beautiful papers that have entered my home. And the papers can come from everywhere; advertisements in the mail, packaging from something I purchased, calendars, boxes, bags, tags, inserts, envelopes, and cards people give to my family. Most of the time, all of these sources have one side with no print, and often, the paper is strong and usable. And almost always, people just throw these wonderful paper bits into the garbage or recycling without any thought. I like to try and use this paper one more time before it is tossed out. Repurpose the paper and then recycle it is my thought.

I sort my recycled paper by color and organize them into small labeled drawers. My collection of papers takes up twelve of these paper drawers (four units like the one pictured here), but separating the papers out like this makes finding what I need much easier. And when I have an idea for a card or tag, all I have to do is go through my papers to make sure I have a the colors necessary for the project, and create.

Recycle. Create. Creatively recycle!

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