Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Journal (03/26/11 - 04/01/11)

I had trouble on Monday coming up with something "unusual" to shoot. Then I remembered that that isn't the point of this exercise. So I looked at my laundry basket, something I see all the time, and thought that it deserved it's moment in the spotlight.

03.26.11 - Rosé's cruel punishment.

03.27.11 - Eyes resting between treatments.

03.28.11 - Laundry day.

03.29.11 - Walking home from school.

03.30.11 - Racing at the gym.

03.31.11 - Family hike night begins.

04.01.11 - Miss Cupcake.
I've also noticed I take a lot of photos of my daughter at vision therapy. I think it's because her therapy tends to freak me out a bit and I'm really trying to see the beauty despite the ugly process we're going through. Then again, I might be over-analyzing things a bit and I might just take a lot of photos there because we're there so much. Hmmmn...

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