Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photo Journal (04/09/11 - 04/15/11)

04.09.11 - Spring soccer begins.

04.10.11 - A morning in the city.

04.11.11 - Playing at home.

04.12.11 - My first box.

04.13.11 - Gymnastics skills.

04.14.11 - Shopping with Nana.

04.15.11 - Dr. Oh's "toys".

I think I'm taking too many photos of my daughter. I'm around her a lot since she's not in school full-time, so I guess I should go easy on myself. Still, I need to make a conscious effort to take shots of my son more so that he doesn't get the feeling that I care about him less. Hopefully, over time, photos will even themselves out a little.

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