Monday, May 2, 2011

Photo Journal (04/23/11 - 04/29/11)

Saturday's photo is one of my favorites so far. My son tossed me a ball and it bounced off my hand and into my wine glass on the table. We both started laughing so hard that I had to take a shot of the aftermath. I personally love the layers created by glass, light, and reflection. Maybe I also loved how hot it was after so much cold weather. Too bad it snowed four days later. Crazy weather!

04.23.11 - Too much backyard fun on a hot day. 
04.24.11 - Easter at Pam's.

04.25.11 - Stringy wine rack.

04.26.11 - Giant gummy bears.

04.27.11 - Snow in April.

04.28.11 - Hot date.

04.29.11 - Grinning kid.

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