Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photo Journal (05/07/11 - 05/13/11)

I'm trying my best to be accepting of the fact that not all photos will be good photos. This is okay. I will not shrivel to nothing if people see that I am not as perfect as I would like to appear. And some days, I just have one photo to choose from. Even if it sucks, it's going to be put up here.

05.07.11 - Medals for unselfishness.

05.08.11 - Guarding the treasure.

05.09.11 - In a fish tank.

05.10.11 - "I have nothing to wish for."

05.11.11 - Together.

05.12.11 - Follow the leader.

05.13.11 - I ♥ Indian food.

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