Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photo Journal (05/21/11 - 05/27/11)

There's so much going on right now and it's difficult to keep up with my photo-taking.

This week I posted my first journal entry with myself as the subject. I originally thought that I couldn't be in this journal because I'm trying to capture my surroundings. I decided that since I cut my own hair that day, I looked at myself quite a bit in a mirror, and therefor, I kind of became my surroundings during that incident. I'm going to try to be a little more loose with self-imposed rules.

I'm thinking things through too much (as always).

05.21.11 - Party animal.

05.22.11 - Pieces of Nana.

05.23.11 - Happy glasses.

05.24.11 - Skyping across the Pacific.

05.25.11 - Sleeping bag nest.

05.26.11 - Time for a change.

05.27.11 - Heading East.

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