Monday, May 23, 2011

Pineapple Gift Tag

Pineapple Gift Tag
My son went to two birthday parties these last couple of weeks and I had the opportunity to make two gift tags. Fortunately, both parties were for little girls who have given my son the nickname "Pineapple,"  so my idea was to make pineapple gift tags to attach to each girl's gift. This idea might also work for a luau-themed party or for someone getting ready to vacation or move to somewhere tropical.

After looking through my collection of recycled scrap papers, I chose the following materials:

  • black card stock (Zwilling knife packaging)
  • yellow/gold card stock (back of a greeting card)
  • green card stock (advertisement inside a magazine)
  • pink card stock (leftover from baby shower invites '00)
  • white card stock (inside a shoe box)

Other Materials:
  • jewels (sequins would work)
  • double sided tape
  • double sided foam tape
  • school glue
  • scissors

I began by cutting out a simple oval shape from the yellow/gold paper and then a not-so-simple stem shape from the green paper.

 I then used double sided tape to attach the shapes to form a pineapple onto the black paper, leaving some black paper visible around the shapes.

Next I cut around the outside of the pineapple, leaving a thin black border around the pineapple as if the pineapple had been outlined with a marker.

After flipping the pineapple over, I attached small pieces of double sided foam tape to the back of the pineapple. This gives the pineapple more dimension, raising it slightly above the background.

I then attached the pineapple to the pink background paper.

Next I cut the pink background paper into a rectangular shape around the pineapple.

*Tip: My rectangle curves slightly inward to emphasize the imperfection of the design. This way all of the other imperfections look intentional.
 Using the same technique I used for the pineapple, I used double sided tape to attach the pink background to black paper and then cut a thin black border around the pink.

I used more double sided tape to attach the whole thing to my white card stock. You could use a ready-made card here if you choose.

For my last step, I carefully put a small dab of school glue (the glue I had handy) on the back of each jewel and gently added them to the side of the pineapple where light might highlight the fruit naturally.

That was it: a simple and  personal gift tag to enhance any gift box or bag! Use tape to attach the tag, or make a small hole in the end of the tag using a punch and tie the tag to the package using a pretty ribbon.

*Tip: If you know what color the wrappings or bow will be, choose a background color that will coordinate with those colors. Often I use a gift tag like this one to tie the entire color scheme together.

Try recycling!

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