Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project : Haiku

Snowman Yoga
I've been asked why I sometimes break into Haiku. Well, I do it for a few reasons.

The first is because sometimes I think it's funny. There's something about taking a form of poetry that is supposed to be so deep and introspective and applying it to the daily chaos of a family with two kids under seven that makes me laugh...

We built a snowman
As twilight fell. Then she asked,
"Can I eat his nose?"
(November 22, 2010)

Another reason I sometimes choose this outlet is because at times I feel like words are better at preserving a moment than a photo...

I found a surprise:
My son's school bag still had lunch
From last school year's end.
(August 13, 2010)

And Haiku can be a wonderful way to use very few words to describe a moment or a feeling. Sometimes being brief in a description helps convey the fleetingness of a moment and that I'm glad I took time to be mindful of this quick moment...

My daughter saw trees
Turned upside-down in rain drops
So she turned with them.
(August 31, 2010)

I realize what I write isn't technically Haiku (see one explanation here), but I think it's a fun creative outlet nevertheless. And this overly creative mind needs all the quick outlets it can get!

Happy Haiku-ing!

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