Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Angry Birds Garland

Decorating for our Angry Birds party was fun! I had several bunches of helium-filled gold balloons, Angry Birds lanterns hanging around the room, and angry birds and pigs hanging in garlands zig-zagging across our ceiling. The garlands were inspired by a simple colorful circle and string garland I had seen ten years ago at a cocktail party I attended. I've been wanting to make one ever since, so I was pretty jazzed at the idea of adapting the design to fit the theme of our party.

  • Angry Birds images (see below)
  • double sided tape
  • string
  • 1.5" diameter circle punch
  • painters tape
First, I folded the image sheet accordion-style lengthwise.

Next, I used the circle punch to cut the stacked images into circle shapes.

Then I sorted the images.

I took two circles of the same image and flipped them over. I applied double sided tape to one circle in a horizontal strip, then applied the tape in a vertical strip to the second circle.

Next, I ran the string across the circle with the horizontal piece of double sided tape.

After turning the second circle over, I sandwiched the string between both circles, pressing the two circles together firmly.

Then I repeated this process using the other circles. I laid out the circles in a pattern and then switched some of them around to make the garland appear more random. To ensure the circles along the line were evenly spaced, I used painters tape attached to the surface of my work table as a guide.

I continued until the desired length was achieved, wrapping the garland around a flat piece of cardboard to keep it from tangling.

This decoration turned out great! To hang the garlands, I simply created loops on the ends of the strings and hung them using non-damaging adhesive hooks.

Happy decorating!

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  1. Cute idea! My kids and I painted paper plates to look like different Angry Birds, complete with craft feathers. I am using those for our streamers. You can see what I came up with at this link

  2. Your Angry Bird plates are super cute! Those should work very nicely as decorations! Can't wait to see how your party comes together!

  3. where did you get the sheet off all the birds