Sunday, June 26, 2011

Angry Birds Goodie Bags

I created rows of Angry Birds goodie bags for kids to take home after celebrating with us at my son's Angry Birds party

  • red, green, yellow, and black goodie bags (I found these sold individually by color at a local party store)
  • images for the front of the bags (the images I used are below)
  • goodies for the bags
  • 14" lengths of contrasting 1" wide ribbon (I used red ribbon for the yellow and black bags, blue ribbon for the green bags, and gold ribbon for the red bags)
  • double sided tape
  • scissors
  • hole punch

First I printed out images I wanted to use on the front of the bags. I cut the images out and used doubled sided tape to attach the images to the bags about 2" from the bottom of each bag.
Then I added an assortment of goodies to the bags. My bags included a gold "egg" necklace, an Angry Birds Silly Bandz bracelet, a solid-colored pencil found from a local party store, an Angry Birds mini notebook, a golden egg squeeze ball, a wooden bird whistle, and a couple of candies.
Once filled, I folded the top of each bag over about an inch, and then over again one more time before using a hole punch to make two holes (about 2" from each side) in the double fold.
I threaded pieces of contrasting ribbon through the holes from the backs of each bag...
...and tied the ribbons into simple knots. I finished the ribbons with v-shaped snips.
And that was it! I mixed the bags up to make a colorful display on a table by the door so that kids could grab them on their way out. Surprisingly, the black bags were the most popular selection...

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  1. Thank you for this. I love those Angry Birds and these favor bags. I'll link to your blog when I blog about our party. (The party is next Saturday.)

  2. Thanks for checking out my party! I hope you have a great time celebrating your own Angry Birds party!

  3. J, I linked to your blog to let everybody know how I used your party favor bag idea for my party. It's on the site now at this link

  4. Thanks, so much for the link, Crafty Cristy! I can't wait to visit your blog and see how your party turned out!

  5. You are awesome! My son lovesss angry birds! I'm already excited about using your great talented ideas for his party! Thank you soo much for sharing with us! :)

  6. This is awesome!My son requested for an Angry Bird theme party n your ideas will definitely come in handy:)