Friday, July 1, 2011

Photo Journal (06/25/11 - 07/01/11)

The party planning has finished and I am now taking a bit of a breather. I always say that life should start slowing down now that *fill in the blank* is finished, but that never really seems to happen. There's always something to fill the time, and I can't shut down the creative side of my brain long enough for a rest. I wonder what project is on the horizon?...

06.25.11 - Party boy.

06.26.11 - An appointment and a game.

06.27.11 - Late-night game-players.

06.28.11 - Confident Scooterist.

06.29.11 - A cup of red tea.

06.30.11 - Testing the goods.

07.01.11 - Finding some shade.

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