Saturday, July 9, 2011

Photo Journal (07/02/11 - 07/08/11)

I'm tired. That's the problem with having an overactive creative brain: I tend to burn myself out. I'm planning on increasing my Bikram Yoga classes as a way to pursue a more balanced existence.  Usually the classes bring me to a more peaceful place and I'm able to interact with the world a little more evenly. Maybe I'm just imagining this, but I'd like to think it helps.

On another note, I'm taking so many photos right now! I have a difficult time choosing between photos. My son is also going through a phase where he doesn't want so many photos taken of him. We'll see how long that lasts!

07.02.11 - Ham and cheese.

07.03.11 - Movie time.

07.04.11 - Waiting for fireworks.

07.05.11 - Calming him with jokes.

07.06.11 - Kitty's birthday party.

07.07.11 - In a sea of bubbles.

07.08.11 - Seeking comfort.

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