Saturday, July 16, 2011

Photo Journal (07/09/11 - 07/15/11)

This was a fun week for me to take photos. I gravitated toward more muted colors this week. I also went to Bikram Yoga more than normal, so I'm feeling pretty good. Feeling tired still, but I'm happy overall. Next week will be twenty weeks of daily photos. wow.

07.09.11 - Two wheels less.

07.10.11 - Grandma's domino line.

07.11.11 - Stealing my cherries.

07.12.11 - Time to sweat.

07.13.11 - Face-in-the-box.

07.14.11 - Cheering up the injured boy.

07.15.11 - After swimming.
My son is back to wanting equal treatment in front of the camera. I'm glad his aversion for my picture-taking only lasted a week.

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