Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Angry Birds Slingshot Game

One of the games I created for our Angry Birds party was a water balloon slingshot game. I recycled boxes for the various pieces of this game, so if you plan on doing this, I suggest you begin setting aside a stash of used boxes at least a month in advance.

  • miscellaneous boxes for game pieces
  • duct tape (I used green and silver)
  • clear packing tape
  • marbles or small pebbles
  • pig and fortress graphics (see below)
  • water balloons (preferably in bird colors)
  • water balloon slingshot
*Boxes I used: juice boxes (all small pigs and ice pieces), toaster pastry box (king pig), cracker box (wood piece), rice milk boxes (stone pieces)

click to enlarge

I used the clear packing tape to attach the graphics to the front of the boxes making sure the entire surface of the graphic was covered with tape. This was to ensure the graphics would survive getting wet during our game.

Next, I put 6-15 marbles inside the wood, stone, and ice-faced boxes. The marbles gave the pieces a little bit more stability and when knocked over, the crashing sound they gave was fantastic!

I used duct tape to seal the boxes shut and to cover the remaining surfaces of the boxes. I used green for the pig boxes and silver for the wood, stone, and ice boxes.

After the boxes were completely taped, I stacked them in the configuration shown above on a small folding table in my yard. For the party, I filled a large bin with about 140 filled water balloons, and two adults held the ends of our water balloon slingshot as the kids took turns launching the balloons across the yard at the pig fortress.

The game was a huge hit! I think the adults enjoyed the game just as much as the kids did, and I'm glad I went through the effort to make this game!


  1. Oh so awesome!! I don't have enough time to get enough little boxes. But I love using water balloons and the water balloon launcher for the party!! I am planning on doing a different game I found on another site (but I like this idea better.)

  2. Thanks! We had such a fun time with this game! I wish I had gotten some pictures of everyone actually playing the game, but we were all having such a good time that none of us remembered to grab a camera :)