Friday, August 12, 2011

Creative Spotlight : Move, Learn, Eat

I was browsing Facebook today when I came upon a link to the video above. Rick Mereki is an Australian filmmaker and artist who was commissioned to create films inspiring people to travel. His journey included a trip around the world with stops in eleven countries. Mereki's trip is documented in three 60-second films entitled "Move," "Learn" and "Eat" -- films that succeed in fueling my wanderlust!

While the films remind me of some videos done a few years ago by a traveler named Matt, I enjoy the refreshing spin these films have on travel. Not only do these films depict travel as fun (as Matt does), but they also suggest that travel is something people should seek as enrichment to their lives. I particularly enjoy the film "Learn" because I believe we will understand the world more if we take the time and effort to stand in others' proverbial shoes.

Watch the films and see if they inspire you to explore your world!

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