Friday, August 19, 2011

Photo Journal (08/13/11 - 08/19/11)

08.13.11 - Escalator fun.

08.14.11 - Adding bows to a plate.

08.15.11 - Digging for peppercorns.

08.16.11 - Flash exercises.

08.17.11 - Organizing the studio.

08.18.11 - Play-doh cupcake maker.

08.19.11 - Surrounded.
It's been a surprisingly easy week for photos. School is coming quickly and there's a strange duality alive in our home: hurry up, the Summer is nearly over... hurry up and relax as much as you can. My effort to get the kids back into some sort of routine has been overthrown on many occasions by everyone's desire to just hold on to the fun we've had, as though routine means less happiness. Apparently I need to inject more life and color into our normal routine. In the end, I know we'll find our way, so I'll try my best to sit back and see the beauty right here right now.

Now. This is where life is, after all.

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