Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lake Lenore Caves

I grew up going past the sign for Lake Lenore Caves on our way to the Grand Coulee Dam area where we frequently went camping. Every time we passed the sign, I wished to explore them. Well, I decided this was the trip for it. I am an adult now, after all!

 The trail begins paved, but quickly turns to uneven dirt. As you travel up the trail, the views get better and better.

The caves themselves are pretty shallow, so you don't need to bring flashlights, but they are large. So large, in fact, that Native Americans once used these caves for shelter.

We just used the caves for shade from the dry August heat.

The trail is on the short side, but it's very rocky and uneven. We stopped often to let the kids rest and drink water. This gave the kids some time to sit and imagine what it might have been like long ago to seek shelter in these caves.

I recommend stopping by if you ever happen to pass by the sign to the caves. It's amazing what most people miss when they are so focused on their destination. Take some time and enjoy the journey!

Fees: A Discover Pass is required - $10/day, $30/annual pass
What to bring: water, a snack or lunch, sturdy shoes
Length of hike: 1.5 miles, rountrip

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