Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Angry Birds Pig + Egg Card

After throwing our Angry Birds themed birthday party, we needed to send out some thank you cards. These are the cards I ended up making. While I used my cards as thank you notes, the design would also work well for a "thinking of you" theme or for Valentine's Day.

  • 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of white card stock (one sheet makes two cards)
  • gold paper
  • double sided foam tape
  • scissors
  • black pigment marker (size 05)
  • pencil or marker
  • red colored pencil (I used Faber-Castell's Deep Scarlet Red)
  • egg shape (see below)
  • pig graphics (see below)
  • envelopes (I used Wausau Astrobrights vellum in Terra Green)
I began by folding the white sheets of white paper in half length-wise.

Next I cut each sheet in half to create two 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" cards.

After printing the egg shape onto heavy card stock, I cut the egg shape out.

I traced around the egg shape until I had enough egg shapes on the gold paper for each person that came to our party. (I used a marker on this step, but a pencil might have been cleaner.)

*Tip: I trace images onto the back of the paper so that any lines left after cutting the image out are hidden on the back of the image after flipping it back over again.

Once the eggs were all flipped over to their correct side, I used the pigment marker to write the names of each guest on the eggs toward the bottom where a shadow might be on the egg.

Setting the eggs aside, I turned to cut the pigs out.

*Tip: Because the pigs were printed out on white and the card itself was white, cutting out the pigs didn't need to be perfect. I simply cut around the shape leaving a bit of white showing around the pigs so the finished product had a sharp black line around the pigs.

Next I flipped over a pig and an egg and attached small pieces of double sided foam tape to the backs of each.

*Tip: Using double sided foam tape raises an image above the surface of the background giving the image more dimension.

Then I removed the backing off of the tape and secured the pig and the egg to the front of the card leaving space between the pig and egg.

Using the red colored pencil, I drew a heart to the upper right of the pig.

To give the heart more prominence, I used the pigment marker to draw a line around the heart. I also used the marker to add a few other details to the card.

I finished the card by writing a simple message on the inside of the card. Mine was corny, but I thought it was appropriate!

I also made a couple of "double egg" cards for families that had a couple of kids present at our party. I think they ended up looking pretty fun, too.

Now I just need to figure out a way to get my son to fill these suckers all out!

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  1. awesome thank you cards!! Fab photos explaining the process, thanks!! :)

  2. thanks, Dawn! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. Got this off of pinterest - thank you so much! They are awesome!