Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby + Big Brother Gift Tags

Our friends just had a baby, so we decided to send gifts to both their baby and to the baby's new big brother. I used onesie and t-shirt designs to reflect the kids' age relationship to one another.

I began by going through my recycled paper scraps and chose the following materials:

  • bright blue card stock (advertisement)
  • red card stock (back of workbook cover)
  • yellow card stock ((leftovers from bee project)
  • cornflower blue card stock (school catalog)
  • olive green card stock (magazine insert)
  • light green card stock (Easter card)
  • 2 small pieces of white card stock (backs of misc. cards)

Other materials:
  • double sided tape
  • double sided foam tape
  • scissors
  • black pigment marker (size 03)
  • pencil
  • hole punch
  • t-shirt and onesie pictures (see below)

After cutting out the t-shirt and onesie pictures...

...I traced the images onto the backs of the bright blue and light green papers.

*Tip: I trace images onto the back of the paper so that any lines left after cutting the image out are hidden on the back of the image after flipping it back over again.

Using a pencil, I traced the star images on the t-shirt and onesie by overlapping the pictures over the desired star colors and pressing hard. This left an impression of the stars and no pencil marks.

Then I cut the starts out...

... and used double sided tape to attach the stars to the fronts of the t-shirt and onesie.

Next I used the marker to personalize the stars with the childrens' names.

I applied double sided foam tape to the backs of the t-shirt and onesie and stuck the shapes onto scrap background colors...

*Tip:  Using double sided foam tape raises an image above the surface of the background giving the image more dimension.

... which I then cut into rectangular shapes.

Then I used double sided tape once more to secure the rectangles of color onto rectangles of white, leaving about an inch of white above each colored rectangle.

I snipped the corners off the top edge of the tags...

... and used a hole punch to add holes to the tops of the tags.

And that was it! I decided the tags matched some old maps I had set aside for wrapping gifts, and I think the tags make the gifts look great!

Recycle those papers!


    1. Hey I know those boys! It looks like I just got a preview of what is coming in the mail soon.

    2. :) I thought maybe you'd see this post! Yes, the gifts should be on their way up to you very soon!