Monday, August 1, 2011

Stormtrooper Gift Tag

My son had another birthday to attend and when I asked him what his friend liked, he said very enthusiastically, "STAR WARS!" So here was my nod (in gift tag form) to the Stormtrooper.

I began as I normally do, by looking through my recycled scraps of papers, and I chose the following materials:

  • black card stock (Zwilling knife packaging)
  • blue card stock (leftovers from wedding invites '02)
  • silver paper ((leftovers from wedding invites '02)
  • gray paper (advertisement)
  • white card stock (pillow case packaging)

Other Materials:
  • carbon paper
  • double sided tape
  • double sided foam tape
  • scissors
  • Stormtrooper picture (see below)

First, I turned over all of the scraps of paper and traced the Stormtrooper image onto the variously colored scraps.

*Tip: I trace images onto the back of the paper so that any lines left after cutting the image out are hidden on the back of the image after flipping it back over again.

 After tracing out the different colors, my son and I cut out the individual pieces. My son actually did most of this part. I was pretty impressed!
 I then flipped over the white head piece and used double sided tape to attach the shape onto the black paper, leaving some black paper visible around the edges.
 Next I cut around the outside of the Stormtrooper head, leaving a thin black border around the head as if it had been outlined with a marker.

 I used the head as a guide to figure out how big I needed to make a gift tag out of the blue card stock, cut it out, and attached the smaller pieces, using double sided tape, to the face of the Stormtrooper mask.

Then I cut out a silver rectangle slightly smaller than the blue card stock.

After flipping the Stormtrooper mask over, I attached small pieces of double sided foam tape to the back...

*Tip:  Using double sided foam tape raises an image above the surface of the background giving the image more dimension.

... and secured the mask to the silver rectangle.

Next, I cut out a rough oval shape around the Stormtrooper mask...

... and snipped small "v" cuts around the oval to give the mask more prominence on the blue background.

When complete, I used double sided tape to attach the jagged silver oval to the blue card stock tag, and the Stormtrooper tag was complete!

This was my first time using carbon paper for a tag. I think it was very effective for an image made out of such simple shapes. I'll have to see if using carbon paper for more complex images is worth the effort.

Happy Recycling!

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