Monday, August 15, 2011

Umbrella Gift Tag

I was inspired to make an umbrella gift tag for a cousin's wedding shower.

After looking through my recycled scraps of papers, and I chose the following materials:

  • black card stock (advertisement)
  • pink card stock (back of Valentine card)
  • silver paper ((leftovers from baby shower invites '00)
  • small white card stock (back of wedding card '02)
  • large white card stock (Christmas cards '09)

Other materials:
  • carbon paper
  • double sided tape
  • double sided foam tape
  • scissors
  • black pigment marker (size 05)
  • silver pen
  • pencil
  • umbrella picture (see below)
First, I turned the small white piece of paper over and used the carbon paper to transfer the image of the umbrella onto the back of the paper by tracing it with a pencil.

*Tip: I trace images onto the back of the paper so that any lines left after cutting the image out are hidden on the back of the image after flipping it back over again.

Next, I cut the image out.

On the back of the umbrella, I added small pieces of double sided foam tape.

*Tip:  Using double sided foam tape raises an image above the surface of the background giving the image more dimension.

Then I used the tape to attach the umbrella to the pink paper.

I used a silver pen to create small dots around the edges of the umbrella...

...and personalized the umbrella with the name of the bride-to-be using the black marker.

Next I used double sided tape to attach the pink background onto the black paper, leaving some black paper visible around the edges.

After cutting out a thin edge of black around the pink, I repeated the process by using double sided tape to attach the black background to the silver paper and I cut a thin edge of silver around the black.

Last, I used double sided tape to secure the entire shape to the front of the large sheet of white card stock and cut the paper into the shape of a card. This completed the tag.

This was my second time using carbon paper to create a tag, and I was pleased again with the result. I am in the process of keeping a small file of images I've used for cards so I can reuse them in the future to make new cards.

Recycle when you can!

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