Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Clothing Journal (Days 1-7)

Day 1 - striped tank, black shorts, gray sweater, gray flats, silver beaded earrings, Chinese porcelain necklace (around wrist)

Day 2 - cadet blue dress (layered beneath), short black jersey dress, black patent leather flip flops, capiz shell earrings

Day 3 (am) - gray exercise tank, biking skirt, biking gear  **I counted this because I wore it for half of the day

Day 3 (pm) - pink Beatles t-shirt, knee-length black jersey skirt, black canvas sneakers

Day 4 - black cami (layered beneath), long black jersey dress,  thin black belt, rubber flip flops, black headband

Day 5 - purple tank (layered beneath), black racerback tank, white shorts, black short socks, black sneakers, black bandana

Day 6 - black tank (layered beneath), gray striped skirt, gray sweatshirt w/ black accents, black canvas sneakers

Day 7 - knee-length black jersey skirt (layered beneath), gray tunic top, thin black belt, black patent leather flip flops, silver bangles, silver bird necklace

Clothing item repeats: thin black belt (days 4, 7), knee-length black jersey skirt (days 3, 7), black canvas sneakers (days 3, 6)

Comments: So far I'm pretty surprised how easy it is to come up with outfits. I never knew I owned so much black and gray clothing, but this should make mixing and matching easier over time. I've also been trying my best to make comfortable outfits -- I am a stay-at-home mom after all. But it's been nice feeling like I have a little bit of personal style this week.

On to week 2!

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