Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Clothing Journal (Days 15-21)

Day 15 - cadet blue dress, cream sweater, brown belt, red wedge sandals

Day 16 - blue/black striped t-shirt (layered beneath), knee-length black jersey skirt, red hoodie, burgundy flats, silver bird necklace, turquoise ring

Day 17 - blue Beatles t-shirt, below knee dark gray skirt, black canvas sneakers

Day 18 - black long-sleeved waffle t-shirt, blue obi skirt, black canvas sneakers, Chinese porcelain necklace

Day 19 - red long-sleeved t-shirt, gray cargo shorts, black vest, black short socks, black sneakers

Day 20 - black racerback tank (layered beneath), black oversized t-shirt, knee-length gray skirt, black flats, black grommet belt

Day 21 - black cami (layered beneath), long black jersey dress (layered beneath), short black jersey dress, pink hoodie, black canvas sneakers

Clothing item repeats: black canvas sneakers (days 17, 18, 21)

Comments: I've been less enthusiastic picking out clothing this week. I feel myself wanting to slip back into what is easier: sweats and a t-shirt. Honestly, I don't know why -- almost everything I've been wearing is made of jersey, so really, everything feels like sweats and a t-shirt. This week, the weather has been getting cooler in the morning, so I've had to wear more hoodies and sweaters. Pretty soon I'll have to bust out the boots, too!

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