Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clothing Journal (Days 8-14)

Day 8 - gray romper, brown belt, red wedge sandals, gold chandelier earrings, amber necklace (around wrist)

Day 9 - black striped t-shirt, knee-length gray skirt, black canvas sneakers, "dragon" pendant necklace

Day 10 - black cami (layered beneath), skater tank, black mini skirt, black walking sandals, turquoise rose ring

Day 11 - pink tank (layered beneath), long black jersey dress, black grommet belt, black patent leather flip flops, capiz shell earrings

Day 12 - cream dragon tank (layered beneath), cream peasant top, gray striped skirt, red wedge sandals, jade bracelet and necklace (around wrist)

Day 13 - striped tank, below knee dark gray skirt, gray hoodie, black canvas sneakers

Day 14 - black linen dress, gray lightweight sweater, black slingbacks, thin black belt (around wrist)

Clothing item repeats: black canvas sneakers (days 9,13), red wedge sandals (days 8,12)

Comments: So far, so good! I'm still not running into any trouble coming up with something new to wear each day. I seriously didn't know how much black and gray clothing I have! I remember back in my graphic design days I met a very successful man who insisted on buying only black clothing. He said that it made getting dressed in the morning very easy. I can see what he means. Although we've had very warm weather lately, the weather is quickly changing, and it makes me excited to transition into my cool-weather clothing. I might just continue trying to wear different clothing each day until I run out of ideas, but I'll definitely cross that bridge once I get closer to my 30-day goal!

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