Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Creative Spotlight : The Book Sculptor

Mysterious paper sculptures
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Today I was touched by the works of an artist on the other side of the world. The works are beautiful sculptures created from old books -- delicate trees, leaves, and figures carefully formed from thoughtfully chosen papers covered in words.

But the works are made even more beautiful by the manner in which the artist has chosen to display them. Because each sculpture has been created anonymously and then it is carefully left as a gift "in support of libraries, books, ideas...."  So far, the artistic gifts have been found left in libraries, a theater, a storytelling center, and a book festival. And each time, the artist remains anonymous, leaving kind words that describe the artist's love and thankfulness for the location's impact on the world.

What an amazing gesture: to give art from one's gratitude-filled heart with the hope of hearing another's heart sing in return, and nothing more. Perhaps this is how we should all live with our gifts: mindful of how others have helped make us who we are, and giving of our hearts with a hope to make the world a more beautiful place for everyone.

I hope I see many more sculptures by this artist surface in the future and that other gifted people are inspired to share their gifts with the world because of it. See the art yourself and be inspired!

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