Saturday, September 3, 2011

Photo Journal (08/27/11 - 09/02/11)

08/27/11 - A treat from Daddy.

08/28/11 - Chewed thumb, infected.

08/29/11 - Beside the girl with glasses.

08/30/11 - Ready for school.

08/31/11 - 2nd Day of 2nd Grade.

09/01/11 - Cupcake watcher.

09.03.11 - Not six.
It's been a week of ups and downs. The start of school, a birthday, and an infected thumb -- these events made taking photos pretty easy, but the group of photos feels a bit "kid-centric" to me. Some weeks are like that I guess. To deny this part of me would be denying a pretty big part of who I am right now -- I am a plugged-in parent, after all.

Feeling a head-cold coming on. Hopefully the next week isn't too "tissue box-centric."

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