Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photo Journal (09/10/11 - 09/16/11)

09.12.11 - This guy.

09.13.11 - Peanut butter chocolate chip popcorn cookies.

09.14.11 - Calling the plays.

09.13.11 - Safety pin.

09.14.11 - Hold it.

09.15.11 - The prize-winner.

09.16.11 - "I missed you, thumb!"

We've grown busy as the hours of daylight continue to shrink. This combination has made all of us a little sleepier than usual, but we're having fun nonetheless. This next week should be easier and I'm looking forward to enjoying a normal week before an unusually crazy week takes over again. Everything "crazy" coming up seems filled with wonderful creative opportunities, though, so I shouldn't complain!

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