Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photo Journal (09/17/11 - 09/23/11)

09.17.11 - Crashing.

09.18.11 - Pink girl/gray world

09.19.11 - Homework time.

09.20.11 - The playground.

09.21.11 - Focusing on her gift.

09.22.11 - Scooting home.

09.23.11 - Sunset on my back.
I think we're finally getting into the groove of things around here. We're making friends and trying to get back in touch with old friends we've had difficultly keeping up with these last few difficult years. A lot of reflection going on about what we want and the steps we need to take to make those things happen. Sometimes what I want seems so big that I get overwhelmed and don't even try. Time to start trying....

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