Friday, September 2, 2011

Embellishing Gift Bags

Every time a person gives me a gift bag, I re-gift it.  But sometimes the bags don't have very much personality, so I like to use a very simple technique of embellishment to liven them up a bit.

Yesterday, I found I had three bags that were the perfect size for the gifts I needed to wrap, and while they were cute, I knew they could be way cuter.
So I searched online for images that might make the gifts more personal and then I used Photoshop to change some of the colors in the images to match the bags' color schemes.

On the first bag, I cut the image completely out and used double sided foam tape to attach the image to the bag front. For the second bag, I again cut the image out completely, but then I mounted the image onto two pieces of scrap paper (one pink piece attached to one black piece using double sided tape), and secured it to the bag with double sided tape.  For the last bag, I cut the image out in a rectangle and fastened it to a pink piece of scrap paper with double sided tape before using the tape to attach the entire piece to the blue bag.

Using simple spruce-ups can make gifts so much more personal, plus, no one would guess these bags were used before! Have fun reusing those bags!

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