Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello Kitty Party Invitation

My daughter is going through a Hello Kitty phase. Since we plan to invite both boys and girls to her birthday party, I decided to create an invitation that isn't too girly by including boy characters on the front of the invitation. I went a step further and made sure Hello Kitty had purple glasses just like my daughter's. What can I say, I like adding subtle details!


  • 4.25"x 5.5" blank white cards (I made my own from white card stock)
  • 3"x4.25" pieces of paper in colors that coordinate with the images (mine came from my recycled scraps)
  • Hello Kitty and friends images (see below)
  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • double sided foam tape
I began by using my computer and printer to print the information for the party inside the blank white cards. This was the first step because once the fronts of the cards are decorated, I can't run the cards through the printer. If you choose to hand-write the party information inside the cards, you can do this step at any time.

I also used my computer and printer to print "come join the party!..." toward the bottom of the 3"x4.25" pieces of coordinating paper. This could also be written by hand if you choose. A pale aqua blue was my favorite color for this part of the card, but after I ran out I found that pale green and pink worked well, too.

Next, I used double sided tape to attach the 3"x4.25" colored rectangles, centered, on the front of the cards.

Carefully, I cut out the images of Hello Kitty and her friends. I didn't cut them out perfectly, but I did try to leave a thin space of white around each image.

Then I flipped the images over and attached small pieces of double sided foam tape to the back of each image...

*Tip:  Using double sided foam tape raises an image above the card's surface giving the image more dimension.

... and secured the images to the fronts of the cards. I found that if I started by attaching the center images first, it was easier to get the outer images more evenly spaced. Once all of the images were secure, the cards were complete!

My daughter is pretty excited about her invitations and actually laughed out loud when she saw the kitty with glasses in the middle. I'm looking forward to creating more Hello Kitty goodness in the coming weeks!

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  1. This post brings back memories from childhood. Growing up in Hawaii, I had a lot of items with Hello Kitty and friends. In fact, I still have a My Melody pencil box and coloring book. Cute cards!

  2. I remember that one of my favorite Christmas presents as a child was a very large Hello Kitty stuffed animal. Now there's a Sanrio store at the mall... It's been fun seeing the characters I loved as a child grow in popularity so much!