Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuxedo Sam Gift Bag

I've been preparing a few Hello Kitty-inspired items for my daughter's birthday party. While I've been trying my best to get party supplies at stores where I've already purchased Groupons or Living Social deals, I've found that the only goodie bags I can find at those stores are pastel pink and a little too "princess-y" for my daughter's tastes. So after assessing the stores' supplies I came up with ideas for a group of goodie bags based on some of Hello Kitty's friends. Blue bags were available, so Tuxedo Sam joined our party.

I began by going through my recycled paper scraps and chose the following materials:

  • white card stock (backs of cards, advertisements)
  • black card stock (clothing tags)
  • yellow card stock (leftovers from bee project)
  • red card stock (advertisement)

Other materials:

  • blue gift bag (mine was 5 1/2 inches wide) *Tuxedo Sam has been shown all different shades of blue, so while I chose dark blue, feel free to use lighter blue instead.
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • double sided foam tape
  • Tuxedo Sam graphic (see below)

I began by cutting out the different shapes of the Tuxedo Sam graphic. I only cut out one eye since the eyes are technically the same size and I only need one for tracing purposes.

Next, I used a pencil to trace the outline of each shape onto the backs of each shape's prospective color (i.e.: the beak shape onto yellow, the tie shape onto red, the eye shape onto black, and the hat and belly shapes onto white). 

*Tip: I try to trace images onto the backs of the paper so that any lines left after cutting the images out are hidden on the backs of the images after flipping them back over again.

Then I cut the pieces out.

I used double sided tape to attach the eye, beak, belly, and hat shapes onto the front of the bag.

*Tip: On my first couple of bags I used what was left of the Tuxedo Sam graphic to help me lay out the image correctly.

To attach Tuxedo Sam's bow tie, I used double sided foam tape to add a bit of dimension to the bag. Once the tie was added, the bag was complete.

I also made My Melody and Keroppi bags to keep Tuxedo Sam company. I'm looking forward to filling the bags with goodies and giving them to my daughter's friends on party day!

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  1. Wow! They are so cute! I adore Tuxedo Sam. I bet your daughter loved them. :)