Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Clothing Journal (Days 29-35)

Day 29 - purple tank (layered beneath), gray sweatshirt w/ black accents, below knee dark gray skirt, black canvas sneakers

Day 30 - black striped t-shirt (layered beneath), gray sweater, black shorts, black Chinese maryjanes

Day 31 - black racerback tank (layered beneath),  black oversized t-shirt, gray striped skirt, burgundy knee-high socks, black grommet belt, black buckled boots

Day 32 - blue/black striped t-shirt (layered beneath), red sweater t-shirt, knee-length black jersey skirt, black capri leggings, black socks, black canvas sneakers

Day 33 - gray running t-shirt (layered beneath), gray child sweatshirt, dark gray yoga shorts, black canvas sneakers

Day 34 - gray turtle neck sweater, knee-length gray skirt, black jersey peacoat, gray tights, black booties

Day 35 - black long-sleeved waffle t-shirt, charcoal woven tank, gray wide-leg cargos, black booties, black headband, Bulgarian silver/porcelain earrings

Clothing item repeats: black canvas sneakers (days 29, 32, 33), black booties (days 34, 35)

Comments: I still feel like slipping into my old habit of sweats. I'm just so tired lately! I think I need to put outfits together the night before I wear them. But deep down, I think I appreciate the daily creative expression that goes into choosing my clothes each day.

30-days has come and gone and so far, there's no end in sight. I either have too much clothing, or all of the pieces happen to mix and match so well... or both. I finally wore my first pair of pants this week. I don't expect to wear them much, but you never know -- this "different outfit every day" exercise might make them appear more frequently than what is normal for me.

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