Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Clothing Journal (Days 36-42)

Day 36 - black long-sleeved waffle t-shirt, black vest, gray cargo shorts, black cable tights, black booties

Day 37 - dark mauve t-shirt (layered beneath), gray sweater, navy blue cargo pants, burgundy flats, Chinese porcelain necklace, tortoise shell barrettes

Day 38 (day) -  pink tank (layered beneath), black pullover sweater (layered beneath), black jersey peacoat, knee-length gray skirt, black buckled boots, black headband

Day 38 (night) - black cami (layered beneath), black oversized t-shirt, black sequined mini skirt, black patent leather belt, black stilettos, capiz shell earrings **I counted this because I wore it for about 10 hours

Day 39 - dark gray Rolling Stones t-shirt, black reggae sweatshirt, denim shorts, black/red canvas sneakers

Day 40 - black long-sleeved t-shirt, gray hooded tank, knee-length black jersey skirt, black sneakers

Day 41 - black ribbed tank (layered beneath), dark gray hooded cowel-neck sweater, knee-length gray skirt, black cable tights, black buckled boots, silver beaded earrings

Day 42 - black Luster t-shirt (layered beneath), black cardigan sweater, gray striped skirt, black flats, jade drop earrings, argyle scarf

Clothing item repeats: black cable tights (days 36, 41),  knee-length gray skirt, (days 38, 41), black buckled boots (days 38, 41)

Comments: I feel pretty good about the outfits I keep coming up with. I still get compliments about my clothing, so I must not have gotten down to the "bottom of the barrel" of my outfit choices. I can't believe I'm on day 42 of what started out as a 30-day challenge for a different outfit each day! Yesterday, I finally finished going through my closet and my clothing is nicely organized now with many items I haven't touched in years headed for a donation site. This clothing challenge has made the articles of clothing I haven't worn so much more obvious -- I simply haven't touched them and for whatever reason, I don't choose to have ideas for adding them to the mix.

New clothing purchases: black sequined mini skirt (Nordstrom Rack, $52), black patent leather belt (Nordstrom Rack, $18)  ** I went to a bachelorette party and the skirt was just the type of piece I needed to add for that type of occasion. The belt was useful that night as well, but it will also be a wonderful staple for my wardrobe.


  1. Which pic is the on with the sequin mini? I have a silver one and would love to see any variation on outfits! Love the clothing blog and you know I love your style!

  2. The black sequined mini is pictured Day 38 (night). It's definitely not a daytime look! In the upcoming weeks, I'm planning on diving into some of my favorite pieces a bit more by coming up with several different ways to use these pieces. I'll add the sequined mini to my list!