Friday, October 21, 2011

Clothing Journal (Days 43-49)

Day 43 - Japanese t-shirt (layered beneath), skater tank, gray lightweight sweater, navy blue cargo pants, burgundy flats, Chinese porcelain necklace (around wrist)

Day 44 - gray turtle neck sweater, black vest, below knee dark gray skirt, gray tights, black booties, black knit hat

Day 45 (day) -  turquoise satin tank (layered beneath), gray lightweight sweater, gray straight skirt, black jersey peacoat, black fishnet stockings, black nubuck boots, pearl necklace

Day 45 (night) - turquoise satin tank (layered beneath), gray lightweight sweater, black below-knee straight skirt, black fishnet stockings, black mary jane heels, black belt, pearl necklace **I counted this because I wore it for about 7 hours

Day 46 - dark gray Rolling Stones t-shirt,  knee-length gray skirt

Day 47 - black long-sleeved waffle t-shirt,  pink Beatles t-shirt, below knee dark gray skirt, gray tights, black nubuck boots, gray scarf, black knit hat

Day 48 - gray long-sleeved t-shirt (layered beneath), gray hooded tank, black vest, knee-length black skirt, black/red canvas sneakers

Day 49 - dark gray lightweight tank (layered beneath), gray sweater, gray striped skirt, black flats

Clothing item repeats: gray lightweight sweater (days 43, 45 day, 45 night), black vest, (days 44, 48),  below knee dark gray skirt (days 44, 47), gray tights (days 44,47), black knit hat (days 44,47), turquoise satin tank (45 day, 45 night), black fishnet stockings (45 day, 45 night), black nubuck boots (days 45 day, 47), pearl necklace (45 day, 45 night)

Comments: I can tell I haven't felt very well much of this week because I've been repeating quite a bit of clothing articles. I'm not sure how much longer I'll do this -- I have some outfits that I've put together previous weeks that I would love to wear again some time. I will definitely complete this month and see how I feel about continuing. Day 45 was a fun challenge of wearing one thing to watch my kids play soccer and then changing behind my car and heading to a wedding. I think I did an okay job!

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