Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clothing Journal (Days 50-56)

Day 50 -  black long-sleeved t-shirt (layered beneath), striped tank, below knee dark gray skirt, gray canvas jacket, black buckled boots, black knit hat

Day 51 - brown long-sleeved t-shirt, gray sweater, knee-length gray skirt, brown knee-high socks, brown boots, Bulgarian silver/porcelain earrings

Day 52 -  black long-sleeved waffle t-shirt (layered beneath), skater tank,  below knee dark gray skirt, black canvas sneakers, black knit hat

Day 53 - gray long-sleeved t-shirt, knee-length black skirt, short black jersey dress, black canvas sneakers, black knit hat

Day 54 - gray racerback tank (layered beneath), gray child sweatshirt, blue obi skirt, gray tights, gray flats, Bulgarian silver/porcelain earrings

Day 55 - long black jersey dress (layered beneath), dark gray lightweight tank (layered beneath), gray sweater, black vest, black sneakers, "dragon" pendant necklace

Day 56 - dark gray hooded cowel-neck sweater (layered beneath), black shorts, gray tights, black jersey peacoat, black buckled boots

Clothing item repeats: black knit hat (days 50, 52, 53), Bulgarian silver/porcelain earrings (days 51, 54),  below knee dark gray skirt (days 50, 52), gray tights (days 54, 56), black buckled boots (days 50, 56), black canvas sneakers (52, 53)

Comments: 56 days of no repeated outfits! This week, one of my daughter's teachers asked me what I used to do before having kids. When I told her I used to be a graphic designer, she replied, "Oooohh! That's why you always have an Artist vibe!" This made me very happy. I have finally succeeded in outwardly exemplifying my internal creative state. Since people make up their minds about me in the first few seconds of meeting me, I want what I advertise about myself to be accurate! I have a few more ideas for outfits. I'll probably do this a couple more weeks.

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