Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photo Journal (10/01/11 - 10/07/11)

10.01.11 - Helping mom.

10.02.11 - Birthday girl.

10.03.11 - Drop off and turn around.

10.04.11 - Evening sponge.

10.05.11 - Rainy day smile.

10.06.11 - Earned treat.

10.07.11 - Chinese food reflections.
It's been a good and full week. My family has been fighting off the sniffles and I've been fighting internally with my need to deep-clean my house. It needs to be done - I don't want to do it - there are other things that need to be done - I don't have the time to do it - but it needs to be done...

Photos have been easy to take this week. I just noticed that three of the seven photos this week involve cupcakes. Guess it's been a yummy week!

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