Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Journal (10/08/11 - 10/14/11)

10.08.11 - Aleece's night out.

10.09.11 - Between Grandma and Great Grandma.

10.10.11 - Somewhat familiar.

10.11.11 - One Hawaiian shirt and one free t-shirt.

10.12.11 - Controlled chaos.

10.13.11 - Her babies.

10.14.11 - The teachers' tools.
Another week has come and gone and I'm not sure where the time went! I've had such a difficult time taking photos this week even though we've had so many parties and celebrations this last week. I expect this next week will be very similar with a wedding and another party on the horizon. Sometimes life goes by so fast that it's difficult to pause and actually think about the beauty of the moment. I'll have to try a bit harder this week!

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