Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Journal (10/15/11 - 10/21/11)

10.15.11 - Visiting the head table.

10.16.11 - Looking up.

10.17.11 - Spooooooky!

10.18.11 - Ready for Sponge.

10.19.11 - Philosophical at Fatburger.

10.20.11 - Homeworking.

10.21.11 - $3.66 cupcake. 50¢ cotton candy.
I've been soooo busy, but busy in a very good way! I didn't feel well after the wedding -- apparently champagne triggers my migraine condition -- so I think it's pretty funny (and appropriate) that my photos for the next few days after the wedding were pretty muted. I felt muted those days. Very muted. And sickly. Thank God it's over! And I somehow managed to take photos, so I'm happy!

I'm looking forward to Halloween-ing this next week, beginning with our pumpkin carving party this afternoon. Yeah, Halloween!

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