Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Fireplace Mantel

The last two weeks of October are generally dedicated to Halloween preparations in my home. I have had a great deal of fun celebrating the season by letting my creative juices flow, and unfortunately, I've fallen behind on my posts because of it. So many fun posts planned, so little time! So I decided to kick off my attempt at catching up on posts by showing the makeover I gave my fireplace mantel in preparation of my family's celebrations.

I wrapped the painting over the fireplace with craft paper and used painter's tape to attach an old pumpkin face my Mom bought a long time ago to the center. I wrapped the potted plant's base with tissue paper and used a purple ribbon to cinch the paper together around the pot. Using small removable hooks, I swagged a strand of pumpkin lights across the edge of the mantel. Then I added a paper honeycomb black cat, a glass pumpkin elevated on a wooden box, and black branches dusted with purple glitter. Small changes, but I think the mantel reflects our celebrations well!

More Halloween fun coming later this week!

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