Friday, October 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Costume

My daughter's world is all about Hello Kitty right now. When she told me she wanted to be Hello Kitty for Halloween, I honestly had no idea how I was going to make that happen. Then somehow I ran across a Hello Kitty hat on and I thought maybe I had a fighting chance!

This is what the hat looked like when it came:

Not an exciting hat, but after doing my first sewing project last week, my confidence was up and I thought I could work with it. I tacked down the edge of the hat with a little bit of thread on the back and front of the hat so that the nose would be more visible. Then I opened up the ears and the bow and I added some stuffing to them so that they would have a bit more dimension. After adding the stuffing, I hand sewed the ears and bow closed again. I also added some stuffing to the inside of the hat -- the hat is adult-sized, so the stuffing raised the hat a bit on top of my daughter's head so she could see.

I picked up a small roll of white flannel in a scraps bin at the fabric store and I hand sewed a large circle of the flannel to the inside of the hat to keep the stuffing I added in place. Then I took more flannel and drew a rough "slingshot" shape so that I could make some ear flaps for the hat. I stacked four pieces together and then I cut them out at the same time, leaving about half and inch of extra fabric around my shape for a seam.

After making sure each pair of ear flap pieces had the "right side" of the fabric sandwiched between them, I ran them through my sewing machine.

Next I turned the shapes right-side-out and ironed them flat.

I hand-sewed the ear flaps in place after making sure they were in the right place for my daughter and then I sewed some velcro strips onto the flaps so that the hat would be easy for a five-year-old to take on and off.

For Hello Kitty's overalls, I repurposed a pair of overalls my son used a couple years ago for his Luigi costume. I had my daughter chooses new buttons for the costume and I switched them out.

Then I decided I was going to add a tail to the overalls. I used the same white flannel that I used for the hat's ear flaps. I put two pieces together, right-side-in, and cut out a "u" shape.

After sewing the two pieces together around the curved part of the shape, I used scissors to make small snips around the curve's seam.

Then I turned the tail right-side-out and pressed it flat with an iron.

The I opened the seam on the rear of the overalls, added some stuffing to the tail, and then sewed the overall's seam back together.

My daughter has enjoyed showing her tail to everyone!

Along with the Hello Kitty hat and the slightly altered overalls, my daughter wore a pink long-sleeved t-shirt, a pair of white gloves (also from my son's old Luigi costume), and a pair of white shoes. 

Happy Halloween!

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