Monday, October 3, 2011

Fondant Hello Kitty Cupcake Toppers

Because I made green pigs for my son's birthday cupcakes, I decided it was only fair for me to make some edible Hello Kitty cupcake toppers for my daughter's birthday celebration. 

I used a marshmallow fondant recipe I found on to create these Hello Kitty heads. Along with the marshmallows, powdered sugar, butter, and vanilla required in the recipe, I also used Betty Crocker Classic Gel Food Colors to tint some of the fondant and Wilton Food Writer Edible Color Markers for the black details of the face.

After making the fondant and tinting some of the fondant red for the bow and yellow for the nose I basically used the fondant like Play-doh. I tried to break down the steps I took to create each Hello Kitty in the photo to the right. I used the black marker last because the color comes out of the marker pretty wet and I didn't want it to smudge onto the rest of Hello Kitty while I attached the other pieces.

A couple of notes about working with the fondant:

  • I waited to add the gel food coloring to the fondant until I had mixed up the fondant to the consistency I liked. It's normally easier to add the coloring while mixing the fondant together, but I didn't want to make up three separate batches of fondant for the three colors. So I mixed the fondant and then divided out small portions for tinting red and yellow, then I kneaded the color into the pre-made fondant by hand. This was pretty easy, but be prepared -- it's a little messy.
  • At first I tried making these a few at a time and it didn't work; the pieces got too dry and wouldn't stick to each other any more. I ended up with a bunch of kitties that had noses and bows that kept falling off. I'm not sure, but I might have mixed my fondant too dry, but either way, I recommend making them one at a time. After a few, they each just took about  five minutes to make which isn't too bad, so save yourself the aggravation and just focus on each one separately.
  • The fondant doesn't come out bright white. This didn't bother me since I wasn't putting the heads onto white icing. But if it bothers you, there is, indeed, such a thing as white food color gel. If you try this product out, let me know what you think!

I baked the cupcakes myself, so I was able to use Hello Kitty cupcake cups I found at my party store. The only problem was figuring out how to get the cupcakes to the party location once I made them. Somehow I had missed this detail in my cupcake planning. Fortunately, my husband is awesome: when he went to buy a few items at the grocery store, he asked if they would be willing to give him some cupcake holders normally used in their bakery. They said yes! So I'd like to give a shout out to our local QFC -- you guys rock! I will definitely save the cupcake holders now for future cupcake-transporting needs.

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