Friday, October 14, 2011

Tied The Knot Gift Tag

One of my favorite card ideas for a wedding is to glue a small knotted piece of ribbon to the front of a card and simply write "tying the knot" below it. Today's wedding gift tag is just a slight variation of my normal card, and I thought it turned out beautifully.

  • a small card (mine was about 3" x 3.5" and made from a scrap from my recycled papers. The paper had the lavender strip going down the front already, but you could achieve the same look by adding a thin strip of paper with any color or design you wish to compliment the gift)
  • a thin piece of complimenting card stock (again, mine came from my recycled scraps)
  • a small piece of ribbon 2"-3" long
  • black pigment marker (size 01)
  • scissors
  • small craft knife (and self-healing mat if you have one)
  • double sided tape

I began by writing the words, "so happy you tied the knot" onto the thin piece of card stock and then setting the piece to the side.

Next, I opened the card and placed it inside-down on my self-healing mat. I used the craft knife to make two small slits on the colored strip diagonally about an inch from the top of the card.

Then I took the piece of ribbon and threaded it through the slits from the inside of the card. I tied the ribbon into a small knot and then trimmed the ribbon ends to my desired length (see above).

I trimmed my "so happy you tied the knot" with some scissors to make the strip about the same thickness of the colored strip on the card and then I attached the worded strip to the front of the card using double sided tape. After this, the gift tag was complete.

When wrapping wedding gifts or making cards, I like to try to use colors that match the wedding theme, in this case purple. After all, I figure that if the bride and groom chose purple for their wedding color, it must be a sign that they like the color!

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