Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clothing Journal Recap

On the first day of September, I began a personal challenge to wear a different outfit each day for the entire month. Two months later and sixty-three outfits later, I finally decided to end my challenge. I could have gone on much longer, but I decided I had successfully built some good, creative clothing habits during the two month period and that it was time to use what I had learned from the exercise and build off of it.

I actually don't have that much clothing and all of my outfits were extremely comfortable. I've had a lot of compliments, and people seem to think that I spend a lot of time on myself -- which I don't. And suddenly I feel so much better about myself. Sometimes if I don't feel that great, but if I feel like I look good, then my attitude for the day changes. It's so simple, really. Spend an extra five minutes in the morning and suddenly everyone treats me differently... and then I treat me differently.

Some friends have asked some questions about how I achieve my look every day and about how I've built my wardrobe, and I'll try to blog about these subjects as I think of them!

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