Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Trees Paper Collage

So my kids weren't as impressed with this project, but at least they tried it. I think the placement of the tiny pieces of paper was too tedious. Or maybe it was a little too similar to the tissue paper pumpkin project. I'll have to do a little bit better with my project planning for them.

We do our weekly projects during a limited amount of time so I began by sketching out some tree trunks for the kids.

Then, while my daughter was busy with her vision therapy appointment, my son worked on tearing up some paper for the leaves. We had a bunch a paper left over from our leaf rubbing project, so this was a great use for some of it.

Then both kids used glue sticks to attach the torn papers to the trees however they liked. My son tried his best to make sure the leaves had proper homes while my daughter decided she liked the idea of leaves falling in the wind. Then my son made ponds for both pictures. 

I found that this project ended up being less about the kids doing the art and more about me letting go of my expectations for the finished project. In my head, I saw beautifully full swaths of color blending into each other. But the kids had their own ideas, and I think I'm finally learning to step back and watch them discover their own creative processes for themselves.

But I seriously have so much to learn!

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