Monday, November 28, 2011

Photo Journal (11/19/11 - 11/25/11)

11.19.11 - Morning after Book Fair.

11.20.11 - Two turkeys.

11.21.11 - Crouton-ing.

11.22.11 - Rainy day treasure hunt.

11.23.11 - Snuggle with a sore back.

11.24.11 - The stubborn bird.

11.25.11 - Catching a breather.

Ah, Thanksgiving week! I've had a fun time cooking and hosting and spending time with my family. More time with family usually means more time taking photos, so my photo journal was quite easy this week! I'm posting this pretty late because I've had quite an eventful week already. You'll see why as I make some posts later this week!

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