Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inexpensive Leg + Toe Warmers

Necessity may be the mother of invention. For me, this week's necessity has given me the opportunity to funnel my creativity somewhere I hadn't planned... C'est la vie.

My daughter broke her leg... on Thanksgiving Day. And while she's been absolutely ecstatic about the idea of having a portable canvas, I've been thinking about how to care for her changing needs. I mean, we are approaching December and the poor girl has one leg covered with toes exposed and the other leg is left uncovered.

So this was my quick and cheap idea for protecting my daughter's leg and toes from the elements. I took a pair of women's knee-high socks and snipped off the foot of one sock, leaving the heal intact. This created, what my daughter calls, a "toe hat" for the toes sticking out of her cast, and a matching legwarmer for my daughter's exposed leg.

She loves them!

And they keep her warm...

... and they add a little bit of her quirky style back into the mix.

If she's happy and warm, I'm happy!

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