Sunday, November 13, 2011

Leaf Rubbing Garland

Leaf rubbings are a great way to preserve the colors of the season. Joining the rubbings together to make a garland creates a simple and colorful decoration that will last throughout all of your Fall celebrations.

Collecting leaves for this project was pretty easy for us. We went for a leisurely hike through the woods and both of my kids were responsible for gathering the leaves they wanted to use.

My son enjoyed collecting leaves based on shape and size and my daughter chose leaves that had interesting colors. Once we got home, I placed the leaves between the pages of a notebook to flatten overnight.

The next day, I set the kids to work on the leaf rubbings. I taught them about turning the leaves bottom-side-up before placing a piece of paper over them.

And then the kids learned about turning the crayon on its side and rubbing the crayon over the paper until all details of the leaf emerge.


Once the kids were finished with their rubbings, I cut them out.

Then I used my sewing machine to join the leaves together. Using the same method I used to make a garland out of paper circles (click here for the paper circle garland project), I used marigold-colored thread to connect the leaves. I tried my best to follow the center line of each leaf so that the thread line would make sense on both the front and the back of the garland.

Then I hung the garland across my fireplace mantel to show off my kids' beautiful work!

I think the kids did a great job! And now as the leaves outside slowly disappear and our area begins to turn cold and gray, we will still have fall color inside our home throughout the end of our autumn celebrations.